about us

  • FBC is one of the fastest growing independent end-to-end telecom infrastructure service provisioning companies in the country. It builds telecom infrastructure and shares it with multiple telecom operators in Saudi Arabia therebv reducing their capex considerably. We have developed competencies in design and building passive infrastruc- ture, Optical Fiber infrastructure, site acquisition, and 24X7 Operation and Maintenance support.


  • In an era of digitalization and disruptions in technology, FBC has been successful in adopting and adapting to these rapid evolutions. We are a unique blend of passionate talent, innovative solutions, world-class processes and a visionary management resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction hence forging long term partnerships. We have been successfully delivering complex, missien critical and high volume application using our in-depth technical and project management
about us

The stages of our attention are diverse and comprehensive to give you comfort and peace of mind

The first stage:

call reception

The second phase:

Understanding the customer’s requirements

third level:

Project study

The fourth stage:

send quote

level five:

Signing of the contract

Sixth stage:

start design